4 thoughts on “250_generated_media_folder_after_upload

  1. Hey, thanks for the walk through and especially the images, they are gold. One problem
    though… everything works fine on the development server, I run ‘manage.py update’ without any problems but on my app url on appspot there is no media completely. No css,
    nothing, just the markup. Did I miss something?

    • Your best bet is to search the Google group for a past answer on this. The problem sound familiar but beyond my immediate memory. If I recall there are a few non-standard steps in using AEP,, To get the media generator to upload,, or it should do automagically.. but of course you do not use mange py on App-engine itself.. As you may know the original developer behind app-engine patch has moved on and has an exciting new project which is where I would spend my time. See this blog: http://www.allbuttonspressed.com/blog/django/2010/02/Our-new-website-on-App-Engine

      • Thanks for your reply. I found a temporary solution. The problem was in the settings file where the ‘MEDIA_VERSION=1’ is being set, apparently so that it can be automatically updated. That was generating an extra directory eg ‘_generated_media/1/global/…’ but in the uploaded version it was searching for the media in ‘_generated_media/global/…’. I simply took it out. Otherwise, I’ve looked at the django-nonrel and it looks great. Definitely working with it on my next project. Cheers

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