Argentina-Page 4

DAY 6 -Tuesday June 18 Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Went to Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes which had a great selection of European art, especially Rodin and Chagal, but also a wide selection of Argentinian art. At the museum was a retrospective by Ricardo Garabito, great eyes. Good wifi and coffee and beer at Cordelia on La Prida, one block from condo on right. Medialunas are only fresh thing. Dinner at 10pm at La Querencia Junin Y Juncal which is walking distance from the apt. Had a stew of white beans, chorizo, hominy, and pork for 10 pesos. Tom had Shepards Pie. Wine was Lopez vino tinto Mendoza. Postre was Torta “La Querencia torta de chocolate con dulce de leche, meringue, chocolate amargo y crema batidal. Very yum. On our way home we passeed Cordelia on La Prada which has good WIFI, (free) Coffee, Beer and fresh medealunas.

DAY 7 Wednesday June 19

We headed to Palermo-Hollywood. which we did not like it as well as Palermo-Viejo. We ended up in a fairly poor neighborhood with mostly car repair shops. We walked back and did some shopping at B.A. Design Center. Shasta got a painted leather purse for Bexy and a black work bag near the Hotel Kaminsky. Shasta headed to the airport at 4:30pm. and was thrilled to make standby. Tom had dinner at the restaurant Puerto Norte near the apartment- the usual steak, french fries, and half bottle of Malbec, both good and reasonable.

DAY 8 Thursday June 19

Tom, woke up at 5; cleaned up apt and packed. Left 6:30am and arrived at Jorge Newberry (the domestic airport, located about 20 minutes from Recoleta) to find a lot of extremely long lines and no one who spoke English. Finally cut to the front of the line and found the airport was closed indefinitely. Lots of fog and since the radar has been inoperative for a few months, it seemed like a good decision. Sat at coffee bar where service people are overwhelmed. At 3:30pm having toured the entire airport and its poor and overpriced restaurants, the status board indicates my flight was to leave at 1730(5:30pm). Fog is still quite thick.Got thru security checkpoint, hopeful that the flight might actually leave. Inside the stores and bars are much better.At about 8:30pm my flight was cancelled.A kind girl advised me to get in the ticket line to rebook, which took around 2 hours. They could not book me back to El Calafate until Sunday, the day I was booked to leave for Ushuaia. I asked to just go to Ushuaia; the agent tells me that it’s not available until next week. I pointed out that I stayed on the plane I was already booked on I would be going to Ushuaia. He booked me on 5am flight direct on Sunday. Iinquired about getting a refund since I was not going to El Calafate. He informed me that my ticket was non refundable.I headed to the taxi line, to go back to the apartment, figured it looked likemaybe an hour or so. Big trick was— no cabs arrived for at least an hour or so. Smart people were calling radio cabs by cell phone and taking the city bus, I unfortunately did not know how to do either, so I waited. The fog was still dense and chilly. Guess we will see a lot of dog sweaters in the morning. I dropped my bags at the apartment and headed out immediately to dinner at the 1816 Restaurant, an all you can eat spot. You choose from a large menu so far so good. Price fixed 28 pesos with wine by the glass at 9pesos glass. I would have been better off getting a bottle of wine, but they did not have half bottles, so by the glass was overpriced. I had the usual steak.Next morning got up at 7:30am and got out by 10am. I can’t figure out why my cell phone won’t charge? Finally look carefully atthe cell phone charger and realize it’s the only thing I have that is 110 only and wasn’t working. At least it didn’t blow up. I ended up buying a 220 version at a local store; Nokia has this figured out…$40 or do dollars.I went to Malba Museum. On the way stopped for the usual café con leche, nice random place also two medialunas for a total of 6pesos including the tip. On the way I went though the consulate area. Turns out that the museum opens at 12, and I arrive about 11:30am. So… another café con leche at the museum snack bar which is open with a separate entrance. Museum was nice but only one floor was open. A good selection of art from all over Latin America. The other floors were having a major show installed. I walked a long way to dock area. On the way I stopped in at Patio Bullrich, large indoor mall, for lunch. I had a so so wok lunch. People don’t believe in vegetables here even in Chinese food.I saw a gorgeous kit bag at the airport yesterday for 500pesos, nothing in town less than 600p. Saw Café Lillas one of the landmark restaurants by the renovated docks area, very nice, very big and very busy. The dock area seemed sterile with lots of expensive restaurants, including a Hooters.I went out to find Grande Danzian bar the book says they have a happy hour daily, which sounds like a good idea to me. I arrived as jazz group was finishing. I had a cheap bar meal of ham and cheese at bar as continued to get more crowded. Two drinks at 16p for happy hour. The bar was loud, raucous, cinder block walls and a glassed in area for smokers. Then went back home.

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