Free Jott Replacement

Well I loved Jott but not quite enough. My needs are very modest. I keep my exercise journal using it and Evernote. (keeps me focused on staying with the program) and I like to be able to note if I have and upcoming meeting or Dr. appt. as well as To do’s, being able to send e-mail and text to a few people is nice.

I understand that Jott has to make money and I don’t begrudge the fact, But for the time being I now have the same services via Reqall and Dial2do. I use Dial2do to send to Evernote, and remenber the milk as well as e-mail notes to myself or others, much as Jott used to. It also handles text sms for me. It can’t do Google Calendar appts. however, so I just programmed Reqall into my phone and use that for that purpose only. Reqall does require a bit of set up to handle the Google calendar interface. As follows:

From Reqall tech support:

Instead of clicking directly on the “Subscribe” icon, please right-click on the icon.


-> Click on “copy link location” for Firefox/”Copy shortcut” for IE/”Copy Link” for Safari.
-> Login to your Google calendar.
-> Click on “Add” and then “Add by URL”.
-> Paste the copied reQall iCal feed url in “Public Calendar Address:” field and click “Add”.
-> That then subscribes you to the unique url that represents your personal feed.

Google calendar processes and supports only Events. reQall treats your To-do as an event, only when it begins with “Meet” or “Meeting”.

(i) “Meet John on Sep 26th at 11:00 a.m. “.
(ii) “Meeting with John on September 26th at 11:00 a.m. “.

Current issue with Synchronization:

reQall sends the updates almost instantaneously. One thing that is happening with Google is that the feeds aren’t getting updated on a frequent basis.

Google says “Currently, calendar feeds are automatically updated by Google Calendar every few hours.”

According to our testers they’ve seen the updates take more than 4 hours.

Google actually says it could take 24 hours:

Reqall does not allow sending E-mails or Text it does have some other neat features that I’ll be exploring over time. But for now I’ll miss Jott but for the time being I’m still free, until these new services start to charge..