Installing Eclipse on Ubuntu, Hardy

Eclipse is a very rich software development platform originated by IBM but now “open source” It also has a very powerful report writer component called Birt. This is a copy of a bug report I filed on Ubuntu Launchpad relating to my install efforts. I do have it running now. I have not checked it out much yet.

Problem #236214 in Ubuntu Launchpad, I followed some of the procedures in the Bug # 158461 named problem here in Launchpad and got much further, I ran eclipse from sudo and then ran numerous update cycles, that got most of the documents and features installed but I could never get a clean finish, that is the installer would refuse to update due to errors, which a user in the 158462 problem has documented, with “patches missing” but nothing I could come up with could find or install the patches.

So I finally tried to download the latest 3.3 (gtk-2.3RC2.tar.gz) all in one Birt package directly from eclipse.., which got to my desktop, I then used the archive extractor, which got it onto the desktop.. I changed the extracted “eclipse ” to allow execution and I’m sort of off! That is: it seems to be running…

Where should I extract the package to? I’d like to get the proper locations…

The key takeaway is the repository at Ubuntu is woefully out of date and incomplete, and plain does not work!! Someone with more skill than I needs to look at it since at least for me and I suspect many others the eclipse toolbox is a great reason to use Ubuntnu. By the way, I did get an install of Eclipse (3.22) up and going much easier on win XP. (but that’s not the direction I wish to go…)

Hope this helps someone!