APP Engine Using Bloog Part 3 Upload the app

Well, after I got the framework for my new Blog (based on Bloog), going using my local debug server it was time to upload the app and get it live. The instructions simply said to run with a few parameters… Two issues, where to run the command and how to get all the parameters, I got some good help once again in the group. It turns out the command must be run in a Windows Command window, (not exactly intuitive but now that I know it it makes sense!) I placed my cmd window back to root using the cd\ command then ran update c:\Users\DadLaptop\Documents\tombrander Note that I did not have any spaces in my directory string, for some reason I could not get the cmd to work within a quoted string as one of the responders suggested, also it does not work in a bat file. Also a subsequent post suggested how I might be able to use cut and past in the Vista cmd window, as follows, (have not tried yet)

You can copy and paste by using the System menu of the window. You can open this menu by using Alt-Space or click on the top left icon in the titlebar (for a cmd window it is a small c:\) In this menu you find a submenu for clipboard operations. If you want to copy text to the clipboard you first have to “Mark” the text and then press “enter”.

Great, now the whole thing was on the internet and working, mostly. I did a few test posts. A bit later I tried the Mail and comment functions,,, FAIL, back to the groups…. I investigated myself and posted the logs,, I was beginning to wonder if the Gmail name in the file was case sensitive… I changed it to all lower case and reran the Update function as discribed above and low and behold both the comments and mail function started to work! Now I have the basics going. Content and refinement to come!