WordCamp Birmingham: Blogging Birmingham, AL

Well I was not quite sure what to expect. I ran into an extremely nice group of people of many persuasions, geeks, bloggers, social media gurus, and more. André Natta the Founder, editor, and publisher of The Birmingham Terminal Put on a first class conference with speakers from all over the Southeast. As he said this was the First Wordcamp in the Southeast.

I for one learned a lot, I’m finally on Twitter with a purpose. I am contemplating total overhaul of my site layouts and approach, and I hope I made s few new friends.

Twitter client of choice seems to be Tweetdeck, the first Adobe Air app I’m finding a use for.  Good viral marketing on their part. Thanks to Joey Gibson and Mitch Canter as well as André for the patient intros to a clueless one. The hints That Donna Fontenot provided were very helpful. I know I have not got all the great contributors here , and that is why I provided the link to the main site. but again thanks folks hope to see you again soon.