Free Blogging at Google App Engine Using Bloog-part 1

This project is to help me get something of some substance up on app-engine to serve as a vehicle to learn Python and app-engine at the same time. If I was only interested in putting up a blog I’d keep on trucking with, I love it as a great Blogging platform. I evaluated the several frameworks available and for me it came down to Bloog and cpedialog. They both have advantages but for me I just sort of liked the basic layout and description of the Bloog approach better.

Step 1: See my prior article on getting Hello World going on App_engine.

After doing the initial tutorials outlined in my earlier piece on app engine. Then download Bloog here. I was not quite ready to load up client software to get the file out of GIT “properly” so I chose to just click the download button which gives you the file only in Tar format (no zip file) so you may need an unpacker, my native windows Vista 64 extract did not work so I downloaded a (freeware) unpack program called 7 zip from here. I unzipped the folders to my Documents directory.

I decided to run it directly, so without editing anything I made up a Bat file that started app engine on my local machine. The file:”startappengine.bat” contains:” C:\Users\DadLaptop\Documents\Bloog”

I got a screen of errors when I opened my browser at http://localhost:8080/

They appeared to be the same as discribed here.

I went to Http:// and clicked on download and selected the zip file, which I then unziped to bloog/utils/external and erased the old (empty) firepython folder and renamed the resulting folder to firepython.

I re-ran the autoexec file and reloaded the local host page and bang I had a operating site, Now I’ll work on some customizations before uploading to the real app engine!!!

Found most customizations in including customizing the links on the right side. But am still looking to replace the ad space on the right with a rss feed or two. My questions to the Bloog support group are here.


4 thoughts on “Free Blogging at Google App Engine Using Bloog-part 1

  1. Hi Tom,
    i have been reviewing blog systems in python that could run in google app engine and found this post, your discussions at google groups about the pinax port, and more postings about your progress at another site.

    I think a feature-rich blog system on google app engine would be great. You mention two systems in your post. These are good systems (and there are many more out there) however still miss many features. Is that why you started implementing pinax for GAE?

    Your last update on your progress with pinaxcombo was about half a year ago… Are you still working on it?

    • Well I gave up on Pinax blog for app engine, as you note there are many options… I went back to slowly learn more conventional Django and Pinax, Waldmar has gone on to work on a new Data backend for Django on GAE.. It will be a while before there is a more generic Blog on GAE I believe, My one (blog based on Bloog) I got up is down for a while since GAE made a change in its code,, I need to go back to find my notes to fix it.

      The data model for GAE is so different to normal SQL it makes Django and existing apps fairly crazy.

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