Win Xp Sp3 “Access Denied”

Well…No posts or much useful work done yesterday. I decided to get my main machine up to date with XP SP3. After several hours or so I got an “Access Denied” message and the installation reversed itself for another few hours… This post provided the solution! See Http:// The site also has a number of fixes for other Sp3 problems. Be aware that the fix also fixed a number of niggling access issues I had not been able to figure out that had accumulated over time, and also the fix took about an hour or more to run…but then I’ve got a pretty packed 200GB disk and not terribly fast computer…

Anyhow after a day of work I’m on SP3 and a bunch of my issues have gone away, Xp is overall noticeably faster and most important Explorer is working much better, no more hangs.. but Google reader no longer displays my contacts when I try to send an article from reader.. It still works in Firefox, just fine…


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