Installing Eclipse on Ubuntu, Hardy

Eclipse is a very rich software development platform originated by IBM but now “open source” It also has a very powerful report writer component called Birt. This is a copy of a bug report I filed on Ubuntu Launchpad relating to my install efforts. I do have it running now. I have not checked it out much yet.

Problem #236214 in Ubuntu Launchpad, I followed some of the procedures in the Bug # 158461 named problem here in Launchpad and got much further, I ran eclipse from sudo and then ran numerous update cycles, that got most of the documents and features installed but I could never get a clean finish, that is the installer would refuse to update due to errors, which a user in the 158462 problem has documented, with “patches missing” but nothing I could come up with could find or install the patches.

So I finally tried to download the latest 3.3 (gtk-2.3RC2.tar.gz) all in one Birt package directly from eclipse.., which got to my desktop, I then used the archive extractor, which got it onto the desktop.. I changed the extracted “eclipse ” to allow execution and I’m sort of off! That is: it seems to be running…

Where should I extract the package to? I’d like to get the proper locations…

The key takeaway is the repository at Ubuntu is woefully out of date and incomplete, and plain does not work!! Someone with more skill than I needs to look at it since at least for me and I suspect many others the eclipse toolbox is a great reason to use Ubuntnu. By the way, I did get an install of Eclipse (3.22) up and going much easier on win XP. (but that’s not the direction I wish to go…)

Hope this helps someone!

Web 2.0 and Blogging

Businessweek decided to run a cover story on this topic, just the week after I began to write about it here. This web site, Readwrite web has a good summary with links.

Businessweek has its own Blogspotting Blog Here.

See my prior post for good sites to use for starting your own Blog/Wiki.

Win Xp Sp3 “Access Denied”

Well…No posts or much useful work done yesterday. I decided to get my main machine up to date with XP SP3. After several hours or so I got an “Access Denied” message and the installation reversed itself for another few hours… This post provided the solution! See Http:// The site also has a number of fixes for other Sp3 problems. Be aware that the fix also fixed a number of niggling access issues I had not been able to figure out that had accumulated over time, and also the fix took about an hour or more to run…but then I’ve got a pretty packed 200GB disk and not terribly fast computer…

Anyhow after a day of work I’m on SP3 and a bunch of my issues have gone away, Xp is overall noticeably faster and most important Explorer is working much better, no more hangs.. but Google reader no longer displays my contacts when I try to send an article from reader.. It still works in Firefox, just fine…

Freeware, Free hosting and Web 2.0+

Updated 5/29/2008 to include links to services and my sample pages. I intend to keep updating the sample pages, so check in or subscribe!

Well I think I’m going to start to document my journey to the brave new software world. Wait! you say, its not new, and well you may be right! But it is new to me and from poking around in the process of learning it it seems that it is new to a lot of other people also.

I began by setting up a web site on Microsoft Live. Located at Http:// it hosts information about my Real Estate statistical consulting services. While Microsoft is not normally associated with great web stuff, this product is a wonderful exception. I got it when they were still handing out free domain registration, which sadly they have discontinued, now its something like $14.95 per year. The hosting however remains free. You can get a free subdomain (like and still get completely operational for free. Since, as some have pointed out, search is the most common way to find information now on the web I don’t think the lack of a full domain registration is the handicap it once was.

I also incorporated a Blog hosted here at wordpress, and incorporated into the main site via Iframes.

I’m now exploring Linux (Ubuntu), MySql, Eclipse, Open Office. I’ve got them loaded but I have a way to go to get fully operational. I’m Using a dual boot Dell Win XP pro Machine with the newest Ubuntu Hardy. I’ll pick up some of that next time. I’m striving to create a solid free software development replacement to my entire Windows experience. I need a replacement for MS Access and eventually Photoshop CS3, although If I could get that in Wine I’d probably be ok with it.

Other neat tools/ services I’ve picked up are: Many Items in Google such as my new favorite: Google “reader” the Shared items page, Base, Mail, Docs, adsense, to do lists, portfolio, finance and a bunch of others, something new almost every day.

Jott: great for keeping notes to myself when away from the desk. It is a voice recognition system which I set on my cellphone speed-dial and use to send e-mail reminders as well as to do items and calendar items.

Metadot: A free hosted Wiki that I just started to work on yesterday. My experimental site is here.; A great way to keep bookmarks organized so I can get to them via any computer and not use my browser which keeps them stuck on one machine.

In fact one of my main goals is to move as much as I can into the “cloud” so that depending on a particular machine and location is no longer necessary. So this means giving up on Microsoft Outlook. So far no problem.

One last item for today is getting Firefox instead of Explorer, It has been a great improvement. I happen to be in Explorer at the moment, for no particular reason but I find myself most of the time in Firefox, which seems noticeably faster and much less crash prone, when running exactly the same stuff! Update, Installed the rc1 of Mozilla 3.0 on Windows works great  and the pre release 3.xx version on Linux.